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Ratham Creek
Arianne Hollis figures tossing a rose in her husband’s grave is the worst of all endings. Then reality sets in when she is forced to sell their home and use all her savings to clear his debts. To escape and come to terms with her future, she moves into an isolated cabin along Ratham Creek. In the quiet Montana setting and with a new job in the nearby small town, Arianne begins to recover. She meets Ross Ferrell, a handsome lonely member of the clannish mountain people.

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Thrill Me Deadly
Detective Inspector Stella Cole. A badass cop who becomes a deadly vigilante after her family is torn apart. Ex-SAS member Gabriel Wolfe. A martial arts expert skilled in languages and ancient techniques learned from a mentor in Hong Kong. Caroline Murray. A lawyer and unlikely vampire hunter until she receives a visit from a leather-clad stranger who tells her her fiancé is in danger.

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US UK and CA

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