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The Cult of the Souls
Dr. Longaire has smelled evil before as a practicing psychologist using a weird neurological condition which allows her to smell emotions. This time evil has come in the form of one her patients, ex-husband, Sean Whitford. Sean Whitford suffered a stroke during a medical procedure and realized he was a rapist in a former life. When his ex-wife, the mother of his children, suddenly dies, a custody battle ensues for his two children between Dr. Longaire, La, the Rat Lady who used to live under a bridge raising rats and Sean Whitford.

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I’ll Make My Arrows From Your Bones
Step into a room where everyone is either a killer or a victim. See what actually waits for you to fall asleep. Find out what it’s like to grow up with a monster you should try not to look at and must never, ever touch. Take a twisting journey into terror and madness as you learn the truth behind The True Horror Movie Experience.

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