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The Real Deal
In an era where anyone can claim “guru” status, it’s time for real-deal experts to push their way up to the mic and reclaim airtime from the phoneys. The Real Deal is a simple, no-nonsense guide to building a personal brand, audience, and client base around your hard-earned expertise. Focused on genuine experts who are building businesses as consultants and coaches, content marketing veteran Mary Kate Gulick illustrates an A-to-Z process to create the kind of content quality and volume that create breakthrough business results … without the expense of a marketing department or advertising agency.

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An American Legacy
For many Americans, the rise of white supremacy is a recent phenomenon. The truth is quite the contrary. In this book, David R. Morse details how racism and nativism have been constants in America, from the founding of Jamestown to the administration of Donald Trump. The most egregious example of racism has been directed at African Americans, who came to this country not of their own free will, but as slaves. From the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, to Black Lives Matter, the struggle for equality has been ongoing and so often contested by Whites. Additionally, as various immigrant groups have come to the U.S., the public and the government have responded by vilifying them, often with violence, once they arrive.

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