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Steamy Romance

Anything For Love
Winter’s latest nightmare of a date gets worse with an ex-boyfriend sighting – the same jerk who betrayed her trust. Desperate to escape, she wiggles out a bathroom window to avert a crisis, only to crash into a bigger one. Winter falls into a police stakeout and lands in the arms of handsome NYPD homicide detective Wyatt. He’s furious at the distraction, but can’t take his eyes off her. As the tension between them heightens, he needs to figure out how to romance a stubborn ice queen and make her melt. Will his efforts be in vain, or can he fight through her defenses so real love can salvage them both?

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From Now Until Forever
Sophie Delaware is ready to climb out of the slump she’s been in since she ditched her lying, cheating ex. She isn’t ready for a relationship—not that the eligible men of her small hometown are lining up at the door—but a hot, short-term hookup? That, she can do. What she needs is a no-strings-attached kind of guy who is capable of giving her all the unadulterated pleasure she can handle without getting too attached. And she knows the perfect man for the job.

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Chasing Her Trust
Don’t fall for the woman you are protecting. Detective Nick Moore’s mantra. From the moment he met Lauren Harrow, he knew she was different. Instead of falling for his charm, he was greeted with her middle finger when she flipped him the bird. Lauren Harrow needs protection. Was she part of a holiday prank or something more sinister? As luck would have it, Detective Nick answers her call. She’ll take any other officer in his place. Damn small town. He’s the only sexy, hot… wait, no… arrogant and annoying detective available.

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US UK and CA

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