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Santa Fe Mojo
Vincent Malone didn’t set out to be a failure—but he didn’t set out to be an alcoholic either. Disbarred, disgraced, and divorced, with his health in decline, Malone tries working as an investigator, but just can’t seem to keep his head above water. When his last client fires him, there’s no fight left in Malone and he decides to live his last years on booze and social security. Ending up in Santa Fe, Malone becomes a shuttle driver for a newly opened B&B. But what should have been a low-key job becomes a crisis when a high-profile LA sports agent staying at the B&B is murdered, and the deputy sheriff accuses Malone.

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Desperate Justice
After winning the case of a lifetime, Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer Marc Kadella welcomes the infusion of energy his career is receiving. Another lawyer asks him to represent the co-defendant in a murder trial resulting from a petty crime that spiraled out of control—the somewhat “accidental” murder of the nephew of Vivian Corwin, grande dame of the influential Corwin family. Disarmingly charming and still downright sexy at sixty-eight, there’s more to Vivian than meets the eye. You just gotta love a society doyenne who can toss off, “… if I wasn’t a lady, right about now I would say: f— you.”

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The Jeri Howard Anthology
KINDRED CRIMES A puzzling missing persons case–a wife who disappears with the grocery money–keeps winding backward, revealing brand new secrets as fast as ancient skeletons can fall out of closets. TILL THE OLD MEN DIE The grisly murder of a sedate, widowed history professor, is written off as a random street crime until a woman turns up at his university, claiming to be his widow and demanding access to his “papers.”

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