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Steamy Romance

Slow and Steady Rush
Darcy Wilde has tried not to live up to her last name. Living under the shadow of her mother’s reputation was tough on the bookish, shy Darcy, and she has built a life away from her football obsessed hometown. But when her beloved Grandmother needs help, Darcy takes a leave of absence and heads home, torn between love, duty, and resentment. She doesn’t count on the new football coach getting behind her defenses and teaching her how much fun it is to get a little wild.

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It’s not easy being my father’s son, coming from a long line of men notorious for greed, power, and the ruthless acquisition of wealth. The McKinley name has borne the taint of scandal for over a hundred years, but it’s a new century, a new millennium, and my brothers and I have come into control of the family business, the Artemis Grand Hotels and Casinos. We’re determined to transform our little world into one where fairness, equality and transparency rule the day. Unfortunately, the lovely Daniella isn’t sure about that. She’s bought into the rumors and the hype, and in her eyes, a living McKinley is a dangerous McKinley.

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Escape to Dragon Island
When an idyllic tropical island resort is left in the charge of three dragon shifters and their human half-brother, things are about to heat up. Escape to Dragon Island to enjoy some sun, sand, and dragon shifter romance (and maybe a mermaid or two). This complete set features four happily ever afters and all the sexy shifter shenanigans you could ever hope to find.

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