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SciFi and Fantasy

Crystal Magic
Krissa Barnette has a secret. When she’s upset, she can hear what other people are thinking. And when she’s overwhelmed, things explode. A move to Clearwater, Michigan, gives her the chance to reinvent herself, but a fresh start is further away than she realizes. Her abilities magnify—making her a target for Crystal Jamison and the town’s circle of witches.

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Larry’s Post-Rapture Pet-Sitting Service
One man with highly flexible morals and a dodgy past. His mother, in dire need of beer and pretzels. A history-mad teenager in search of a job. And cats. Lots of cats. As the alleged man of the house, Larry has to make ends meet, one way or another. Selling post-Rapture pet care insurance seems simple enough. Until Larry crosses paths with a left-behind televangelist looking to carve a new domain. Out of his hide, if he lets her.

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Waite on the Ripper
In 1886, Jack chopped up nine women in Austin, Texas—raping and murdering the last two on Christmas eve. Newspapers called him The Servant Girl Annihilator. Two years later, he slashed five prostitutes to death in the London slums and gained his most unholy moniker, Jack The Ripper. Known by many other foul names over the centuries—The Denver Strangler, Black Banger, Christman—Jack has always been a serial killer.

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