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Desert Shaman
Paige Whiskey is now the unofficial liaison between the Elder Council and the paranormal community, and she’s been put on a mission for months now to bring more paranormals in. Trouble is brewing on the horizon. Everyone can feel it, but no one has a clue what it might be. When the regional alpha gets a call from the Utah pack, requesting a trial with Paige, she’s not quite certain what to expect. The only thing she knows for sure is that her family is growing in shifter power and the region needs to more shifters to help counter and control it.

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Chalk Man
When ten-year-old Charlie Hensen is reported missing in East Los Angeles, Detective Evan Parker begins a search that swiftly turns into a full-blown abduction case. Assisted by his dead partner, Detective Napoleon Villa, Parker follows the evidence until the trail runs cold. But mysterious chalk drawings begin to turn up in unexpected places with ominous warnings, and it becomes apparent to Parker that there are forces at work in the case that are not of this world.

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