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The Coronavirus Pandemic and COVID-19
A very useful resource on the current pandemic. All you need to know about the virus and the disease caused by it written in very simple format understandable by everyone. This book contains 44 concise and illustrated chapters covering: 1. Basics of the new corona-virus 2. Mode of transmission 3. Clinical picture 4. Diagnosis 5. Treatment 6. Prevention. In addition, numerous day- to-day life scenarios such as school reopening, beach safety, safe shopping, travel safety, phone hygiene etc. are discussed.

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Setting the Med Ablaze
If you like finding out what really happened in the secret Second World War, you will enjoy Setting the Med Ablaze. In the tradition of Ben MacIntyre and Antony Beevor, it tells the story of the secret Mediterranean base called Massingham. Americans, Brits, French, Italians and Spaniards operated undercover together to defeat Hitler. The subversion and sabotage they spearheaded was crucial to undermining Fascist power in Italy, France and the Mediterranean.

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What worked 5 years ago is now a dead end. Digital marketing today is lazy. It prioritizes paid users even though every entrepreneur knows organic users represent a much higher lifetime value. But attracting paid users is so much faster and easier, entrepreneurs are blinded by the FOMO of short-term crutches like discounting to boost sales at any cost. That cost is often non-existent retention rates which bleeds your profits and only creates more desperation for quick conversions. Most retailers end up trying to compete on price, a game you’re always going to lose, and get trapped trading their time for money, the same rat race most entrepreneurs started their own business to escape.

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