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SciFi and Fantasy

Nomad Found
Colonel Terry Henry became the Nomad and disappeared. After twenty years, he returned. It was time to drag humanity back to civilization. The first woman he meets offers him water. Maybe there is hope. But then the refuse of humanity comes to take it away. Terry delivers the brutal justice this new world understands. Terry had lost everything and thought there was nothing left to live for – until now. His mission is nothing less than saving the world from itself.

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I Am Phantom
Drake Sinclair has always had superpowers. Inexplicable. Powerful. Dangerous. He’s always been desperate to know why. But he’s not ready for the one person with answers to be a psychopath with a murderous vendetta. Still, Drake will do anything to discover the origins of his abilities and protect his new friends and the girl he loves. Even if that means finding Lucius Sykes, the notorious psychopath ‘gifted’ with the same powers as Drake by a long-destroyed illegal organization called Project Midnight.

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US UK and CA

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