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The Complete Talba Wallis Series: Vol. 1-4
In Louisiana Hotshot, their job is to hunt down a sociopath and pedophile who’s molested the fourteen-year-old daughter of their client, hangs out on the ragged edges of the rap and recording industries, and has more powerful allies than a Cabinet member. But both detectives have unfinished business from the past—in Eddie’s case, something he deeply regrets; in Talba’s, a personal mystery, one so frightening no one will help her investigate. But she knows she won’t sleep till she solves it—and the truth will change her forever.

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A Fresh Brew
Hailey Morton has just become the sole owner of Aconite Café. Upon her aunt’s death, Hailey also inherited her cat. Only Azure is no cat. He is actually a dragon, and Hailey has just inherited the position of Dragon Protector alongside the deed to the café. If her world turning upside down wasn’t enough, Azure is convinced Hailey’s aunt was actually murdered. The sheriff and his deputy are oblivious, which means it’s up to her to solve the mystery. All while running the café.

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