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Once Saved Always Saved, The Secret Rapture, The Prosperity Gospel
According to the Bible, the stakes could not be greater, Heaven or Hell. Jesus stated, in Matthew 7:13-14, that the gate to Hell is wide, but the gate to Heaven is narrow and the way to Heaven is difficult. However, the doctrines of the Prosperity Gospel, the Secret Rapture and Once Saved Always Saved paint a different picture. These doctrines tell us that God wants all Christians to be rich; that God will not allow Christians to suffer in the Great Tribulation; that even if you were not ready when Jesus returns to rapture His Church, you will receive a second chance to be saved later; and, that Christians can never be lost regardless of how they live, if they said a prayer asking Jesus into their hearts many years earlier.

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When She Came Back
Poland, 1935. When Syma – a young doctor, an independent woman with a mind of her own, decides to leave home and embark on an adventure in a strange land, she cannot imagine the powerful emotional whirlpool she’ll find herself in. Daily life in Palestine is far from comfortable, replete with obstacles. The conflict between the lure of civilized, bourgeois life in Europe and the option of living the Zionist dream while embarking on a love affair is agonizing.

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