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Body of Immorality
Body of Immorality: Tales of Madness and the Macabre showcases 17 highly original tales of horror that teeter precariously between the brink of madness and sanity. Death is never quite the end . . . let alone an escape . . . and blood is spilled by the gallons. Eric and Annie Durgess’ dreams come true with a new move to Colorado, but when their home reveals an ancient staircase leading into darkness, madness is just the beginning . . . Three boys venture off into the woods by themselves to play a practical joke, but the tables are soon turned, unleashing a night of unholy terror!

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The Exorcist’s Apprentice
For centuries the Roman Catholic Church has employed a select few to investigate the most extreme cases of demonic possession, haunted places, and paranormal activity. Often, the calling of an Investigator is passed down from father to son. After surviving a tragic accident, seventeen-year-old Danny Lambert is sent to live with his father, Paul, who is an Investigator for the Church. At first Danny resists the calling to become an Investigator, but after the horrors he sees, he agrees to begin training with his father.

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