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Stress Less
Pressure can greatly affect our quality of life. In fact, when in high amounts and frequency, it can have destructive consequences both physical and emotionally. Yet not all of these effects are negative. Pressure at lower levels can also have a positive impact and spur us on to realize our aspirations across various aspects of life. As adults, we encounter stress at many junctions, without exceptions. This book is dedicated to everyone who wishes to delve in deeper, investigate and comprehend the mechanisms that influence stress.

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Papa’s Last Words
Who is God…really? Where is God amid all the Christian denominations? Why does He seem to change so drastically between the Old and New Testament and now? An incendiary undertaking, Papa’s Last Words: They Lied About God removes cultural biases to present a raw look at the differences between mainstream beliefs and what is written in the Bible. Those differences are the key to answering a vault’s worth of questions.

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