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The Gamma Sequence books 1-3
Geneticist Lanaya Kim must do what authorities haven’t—tie together the “accidental” deaths of several prominent scientists around the country to show they were actually murdered. Over the past two years, geneticists have died in what appear to be accidents, but Lanaya knows otherwise. If she tells her secrets to the authorities, she risks becoming a suspect or revealing herself to the killer and becoming an open target. Hiring private investigator Hamilton DeShear may help her expose the truth, but time is running out. The murders are happening faster, and Lanaya’s name may be next on the killer’s list. But when Lanaya and DeShear start probing, what they discover is far more horrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

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8-year-old Jamie was kidnapped from his school playground, drugged, and taken far away. The kidnappers told him he would be adopted by a rich foreign family, but when selling the children becomes more difficult than expected and the authorities get close, the pressure is on to move them or get rid of them. Jamie at first misses his parents but this is eventually replaced by a simple desire to survive.

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Damage Inc.
Link Balsey is working on a better life for himself after making stupid mistakes that cost him his long-time girlfriend of five years and turns his focus into his carpet cleaning business and best friend, Dante. When he arrives at the mansion of his next customer, he’s instantly attracted to the woman of the house, Becca Falco. She continues to order services from him over the next three days, and she’s as into him as he is her.

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