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SciFi and Fantasy

Trusting and naïve, Greeta knows she’s different. All she has to do is look at herself. She’s tall and pale, but lives among people who are small and dark. Although she remembers nothing of her origin, Greeta knows she possesses the blood of Northlanders, fierce and mysterious warriors decimated years ago by gods. Betrayed and devastated by those she loves, Greeta abandons the peaceful village that once welcomed her. After enduring travels that leave her lost and alone, Greeta meets Finehurst, the man who could be her true love – until she learns his dark and disturbing secrets.

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Vampireaper: Threads of Fate
I’m Tasia, a 17-year-old high school student who lives a monotonous life in Upstate New York juggling homework, tests, a part-time job at a coffee shop, and trying to keep my troublemaker of a little sister out of prison. That all changes one night when my sister is abducted by an unknown supernatural stalker, thrusting me into an ongoing shadow war between vampires and reapers and awakening an incredible power within me. The power to play with destiny itself.

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