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Cities are in ruins, supplies are scarce, and brains are on the menu. To survive, Jeremiah will need his wits, a little bit of luck, and lots of ammo. Before Deadbreak—the day three years ago when the dead rose from their graves—the idea of spending my days outrunning animated corpses and contemplating how to properly season rodents wasn’t exactly on my radar. But here we are. The world has turned upside down, and I’ve had to learn new skills. Archery. Looting. Melee combat against bandits and the occasional cannibal. Most of the meaningful conversations I have are with my dog.

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The Complete Dark Days Series
Logan Cahill, Skylar Madigan, and Harper Whitaker are part of a growing underground effort to reclaim occupied America. But when Logan is alerted to a cryptic message in the world’s largest server room, one leading him to a doomsday clock, everything changes.

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