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Steamy Romance

I’m With You
Shane Campbell is a man obsessed once he sees Ramona Verhees from across the street. The only problem is she’s the bastard daughter of the club president the Reapers pushed out of Shasta leadership months earlier. Romancing her will stir up a whole lot of hurt feelings and dueling loyalties. Shane, though, refuses to be denied.

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Mending the Line
Jill Jennings’ dream of becoming an elite runner turns into a nightmare when she breaks her leg less than a year before the Olympic trials. After two surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation, she’s ready to pursue her goal again. Or is she… Jill’s healing and ready to hit the pavement, but her passion for the sport she’d planned to make her career unexpectedly wanes. On a whim, she changes course and runs right into tall, blonde, and gorgeous Tyler Bloodworth. Fly fisherman come and go in south central Colorado, but Ty’s back for a second summer, minus his girlfriend and hotter than ever.

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Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to meet with a mysterious client, Count Dracula. Dracula’s interest is not in the business that Jonathan Harker believes, but rather in Harker’s fiancée Mina, the reincarnation of the wife Dracula gave his soul to be reunited with. Can Dracula win her love for a second time? Or, will his curse keep them apart forever?

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