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SciFi and Fantasy

The Spark Anomaly
In 2067, Cathy Fisher, a shy college student, receives an unusual homework assignment: Explain why two earthquakes would occur forty-two minutes apart in both China and Chile. Cathy is unaware that her professor Arnold Spark, is using her insightful answers to save the world. Spark enlists the help of Soona, a lonely lunar robot who must escape her cruel human captors to search for answers on the comet Charybdis. After a desperate attempt to rescue his team from a lava engulfed volcanic power generator, Spark, wonders if his design is to blame for the catastrophe. Hunted by a mysterious unseen enemy, Spark searches the globe for the apocalyptic truth.

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Heroes of Hastovia Book 1
Will Karl find his true home before he’s killed by a crazed Man-Hawk? Karl’s had a rotten week. He lost another job, a tyrant Man-Hawk invaded the only place he ever called home, and to make things worse, a greedy parrot just revealed that Karl isn’t who he thinks he is. Clueless and hopeless, Karl has to find a portal to his real home before he’s captured. Luckily he has the help of an Oaf, obsessed with revenge but incapable of killing, and Questions, the last of her kind who can only talk in questions.

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After a year of fighting villains as the superhero Bolt, Kevin Jason must now deal with integrating his newly-rescued twin brother into the Young Neos, as well as think about his future career as a superhero. Things become more complicated, however, when Kevin’s brother is kidnapped by a mysterious new team of supervillains whose motives are unknown but whose actions could spell the end of his brother’s life if Kevin doesn’t save him.

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