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Antichrist, Armageddon, and the Mark of the Beast
The Antichrist; who will he be, and where will he come from? Will he arise out of Europe? Will he arise out of America? Will he reign for seven years? What about his “mark”, the mark of the beast? Will it be a physical mark, or is it symbolic? And, what about the Battle of Armageddon? Will it be a war between eastern and western nations? Will it be a war against Israel?

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The Sensitive Soul
Have you ever been told to toughen up or stop taking everything so seriously? Or do you feel that in a harsh world – where the way to get noticed is to shout the loudest – your heartfelt approach just doesn’t cut it? Some of us are born sensitive. We live our lives vividly through the lens of emotion and with our senses perpetually on high alert. Even those whom others might label ‘insensitive’, will experience times in their lives when their innate sensitivity is activated and they feel overwhelmed, or sense and feel things they can’t explain.

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