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The Hitler Deception
The Amber Room treasure has been missing for nearly a half-century. But suddenly, finding it becomes of the utmost importance. When an elderly, anonymous West German man disappears, CIA Director Aaron Stallings dispatches Black Ops specialist Tracie Tanner to the scene. Working with the assistance of a CIA operative she’s not sure she can trust, Tracie faces her toughest assignment yet – pick up the trail of the mysterious Amber Room key, utterly unique and critical to unlocking the mystery of a missing cache of treasure worth an inconceivable sum.

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Serial Cortex
Hanna Li is on the brink of a scientific breakthrough. With her pioneering tech that allows anyone to travel into another human’s mind, she’s found the perfect therapy for overcoming irrational fears. But with funds drying up, she reluctantly accepts a risky but lucrative bid to hijack a ruthless killer’s psyche. Partnering up with detectives from the Serial Crimes Bureau, Hanna infiltrates the mind of the prime suspect in a triple homicide. But what she uncovers is shockingly more disturbing than the memories of a psychopath…

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