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Spring’s Tender Heart
Jonah Mason, Earl of Glassborough, thought he had closed his heart to love. It would have worked, had a beautiful woman not fallen—literally—into his arms. Finding no one to help her, Lady Emma Randolph had fled her stepbrother’s grasp to avoid a horrid marriage and save her own fortune. When fate thrust her into the safe hideaway of the scarred Earl of Glassborough, she found herself questioning her decision to flee to America. But…the day her demented stepbrother arrived on the earl’s very doorstep, her only choice was to flee once again. Yet, could she? Should she?

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US UK and CA

True of Heart
Miss Ruth Hawthorn helps support her fatherless family the only way she can: doling out love advice in a local newspaper column under an assumed name, The Swan. When she receives a lucrative request for an in-person consultation from someone signed “O,” her brother persuades her to go to London with him, teaching him what he needs to know in order to survive the short appointment. But when “O” moves up the time of the rendez-vous and Ruth’s brother is nowhere to be found, she is forced to take matters into her own hands.

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US UK and CA

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