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Surviving the Blackout
A father and his family find sanctuary in their old family homestead, hidden deep in the forest during an EMP crisis.

Cody Russell leaves the city with his family and heads to his father’s old homestead, concealed deep in the woods. For Russell, the only thing worse than failing to reach sanctuary is the failure to protect his family in this dangerous post-EMP world.

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Love In The Dark
He was everything I should avoid… A silent lion in the dark; watching, studying, devouring me without a single touch. His voice sent shivers up my spine, stopping my heart inside my chest as if he controlled the oxygen it needed to beat. I danced for him, because he demanded it. I lied for him, because he wanted it, even though I knew a single lie could get me killed.

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I’m the only female smokejumper in Northern California. Fighting wildfires surrounded by sweaty, chiseled, ax-wielding hunks. I could usually ignore the gorgeous men around me… Until I met the three of them.

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A Tortuous Path
In this thought-provoking sequel to his award-winning memoir, Trauma, Shame, and the Power of Love: The Fall and Rise of a Physician who Heals Himself, former elite cancer doctor and researcher, Christopher Pelloski, chronicles his compelling journey from federal incarceration to halfway house detention to the first few years of building a new “after” life. Alternating between humor, pathos, and measured outrage, Pelloski takes us with him as he weathers imprisonment, divorce, and medical board hearings, undergoes polygraph interrogations and court-mandated therapy, finds a new home, starts a new profession, reconnects with family and old friends, and forges new relationships in A Tortuous Path: Atonement and Redemption in a Broken System.

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