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Steamy Romance

Sweet Ride!
Katie Calhoun can multi-task like a pro. She can run a business, manage her life, and nurse her mentor back to health all at the same time. But as far as family goes…well, that’s outside her comfort zone. Her years in the foster system taught her it was best to bail when things got emotional. So when her mentor’s sexy nephew shows up, making her feel all the messy emotions she’s always tried so hard to avoid, Katie is thrown for a loop. This can’t possibly end happily…can it?

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Bad enough that fate chose them, then domineering wolf and the tempting vampire, but I don’t have time for these irresistibly sexy shifters when my brother’s life hangs in the balance. My mother’s murderous boyfriend threatens him, and I will do anything to save him—even infiltrate and sabotoge the only academy willing to give me—and my brother—a chance. Infiltrate is the first book in this paranormal romance series. Expect a tough heroine, unusual shifters, vampires, bullies, and love in this new steamy adult academy romance for mature readers.

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Big & Beautiful Boxed Set #1
We were friends. Just friends. Him asking me out all the time? That was innocent flirting. He wasn’t serious. But he was serious about turning down a date with someone else because we had plans. He picked me up, talked to my friends, and checked in on me all night. Like a date. And that good night kiss? There was nothing friendly about that.

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