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C is for Character
New authors can write characters that are… flat. Two dimensional. Cardboard. The characters don’t seem like real people, they don’t act like real people, and they aren’t interesting. That’s a cardinal sin in a book. (They rarely talk like real people, but that’s a different problem.) And they always do everything for the author, whenever the author needs them to do it.

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The Pragmatist’s Guide to Relationships
The Pragmatist’s Guide to Relationships presents a data-driven dissection of sex, dating, and marriage by taking a deep dive into academic literature and stress testing strategies advocated by “marriage gurus” and self-styled pick-up artists. Combining insights from these disparate fields, we construct novel models detailing how humans secure partners and make long-term relationships work while exploring how these systems can be exploited to one’s advantage in a world of broken dating markets and plummeting marriage rates.

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