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Tipping Point
‘I didn’t know danger was floating behind us on the breeze as we walked along the beach, seeping in through the windows of our picture postcard life.’ Year 2024. New social networking site Private Life bursts onto the scene. Across the world, a record number of users sign up. A deadly virus is discovered in a little known African province, and it’s spreading—fast. The UK announces a countrywide vaccination programme. Members of underground group Unicorn believe the disease to be man-made – and that Private Life might not be as private as it claims.

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The Thief and the Waste
Girls are being snatched from the Barrow. Who has been buying them and why is unclear, but one thing is certain: they are being taken south of the wall into Seira, the military state that Samarra escaped a year ago. The military state that wants her dead. After a tumultuous night that leaves one of their own murdered, Samarra and her friends manage to thwart this year’s shipment. With the trafficker’s cart in their possession, they have an opportunity—trick their way into Seira by masquerading as the kidnapped girls and their guards.

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