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For Better For Worse
We are the ultimate social animal. Our intimate relationships are the most important thing in our life, often, more important than life itself—insofar as we would die for those we love. But at a time of unprecedented social and technological change, the path to the intimacy that we seek has been confused, leaving us more connected and yet more alone and uncertain than ever before. Even if you have already determined your destination, even if you have already set sail, this book should help you to navigate the storms and doldrums that lie ahead, and, more important still, to question the very purpose and value of your journey.

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Your Rebel Dreams
Get out of your rut and fast-track the life you dream about. Are you feeling stuck in your career and your life? Have you been let go and are feeling lost and unhappy? Do you feel uncertain of what to do next? This shift may be the best thing that’s happened to you. Take the bull by the horns and turn your life around. Life’s too short not to.

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