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DEAD….If Only
Lee Alvarez, star investigator of the detective agency to the stars of Silicon Valley, has to track down a nasty, mean bad guy who should be dead but isn’t. Or was it just a rumor? Because he’s been seen In New Orleans by Lee’s pregnant sister-in-law who is there, along with the other members of the Alvarez Clan, to open one of her satellite hat shops. Suddenly the police are accusing Lee’s SIL of all kinds of dastardly deeds that should be laid at the feet of the purportedly dead man!

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A Bitter Cup
Hailey Morton and dragon companion Azure, are adjusting to their new bonded state. The protector, protectee, relationship is a fiery one. With both having a default language of sarcasm, they are two snarks in a sack. Just when Hailey thought she had the Aconite Cafe under control, one of her regulars went and got himself poisoned with his morning coffee.

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US UK and CA

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