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Gods and Psychopaths
Cain never wanted to make a deal with the sadistic and petulant deity. All he ever wanted was to gorge on Manchester’s finest foods, fight the police and save the bumblebee through murderous rampages. Instead, he has to give bloodthirsty performance after bloodthirsty performance to keep the deity entertained. If he fails, he might just find that he - and the rest of the world - become Little Dog’s snacks.

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The Sword of Saint Michael
A psychotic modern-day shaman caught in a zombie apocalypse without her meds. Scientific studies of Jocelyn Radomski, immune to a zombie pathogen, may lead to a cure. But first she must find a military safe zone in a world of countless zombies and few survivors. Fortunately she possesses shamanic and zombie-like powers. And a tenth-century magic sword forged to fight zombies.

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