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The Legend of Amburgey Gibboney
When Symphony Wallace moves to a small town in Virginia, she expects to start a new job and learn more about the woman who abandoned her as an infant. She doesn’t expect to find a new love, meet a Hollywood legend, or take a trip to another time. Her beloved grandmother always told her to follow ‘the signs in life,’ so that’s what Symphony does—right into an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. As magical as the prized pendant she always carries, Symphony’s quest to find her biological mother, Amburgey Gibboney, takes her on a journey filled with interesting characters and an historical time period she never imagined contained parallels to her own life.

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House Party Murder Rap
Two people have been targeted. Shots have been fired. Who stands to inherit? Who has the most to lose? Evangeline ‘Evie’ Parker, Countess of Woodridge, thinks it’s nothing but an accident but then an attempt is made on her host’s life. Suddenly, all the guests attending the Duke of Hetherington’s house party think they are being targeted. Who will be next? Evie and her new chauffeur form an unlikely alliance to discover as much as they can before the killer can get it right.

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