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Steamy Romance

Fierce- Drake
Drake Fierce is the most chill dude in his family. Nothing stresses him or ruffles his feathers. So it comes as a massive shock when an employee of his family’s firm makes his blood pressure rise and the snarkiness come out in full force. Kara Winslow’s life was anything but neat, tidy, or perfect like the Fierce family. Dull, boring, and stable were words often used to describe her. Then why does Drake get under her skin and manage to break her unflappable control so much?

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Rayder’s Appeal The Brantons Book 4
Eleanor Macklin has overcome her past and repaired the damage done by her first, and only, love. She has all she’s ever wanted, her family’s art gallery. If she’s not as spontaneous, or giving, or loving as she once was, well… that’s a life lesson she learned the hard way from a master of deceit. And trust is a thing of the past… Rayder Cole has stumbled on a plot to forge stolen art that could ruin Ellie Macklin’s art gallery. He must get the forgery back before Ellie’s life is in ruins. He’s done enough damage to the only woman he’s ever loved, and now, he’s back to save what Ellie’s worked hard to build.

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The Irish Devil
In 11th century Ireland lives an infamous warrior born of an Irish mother and a Viking father, a fierce and unforgiving soul known as the Irish Devil. For his services to the King of Ireland, Eric of Shanekill is promised a bride and given a choice of Lord William’s three daughters. None appeal to the mighty warrior… not until he meets Faith, the shunned daughter of Lord William.

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