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One of Them
A unique look into one of the most fascinating tribes in Africa, through Western eyes. Eti Dayan, researcher and tour guide, used to visit a Maasai village during her trips to Kenya. When Dayan is invited to attend a traditional wedding at the village, she undergoes a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A few months later, she receives a small note informing her that her Maasai hostess, No’oltwati, has fallen gravely ill.

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Evil Aliens with Afros
In this compelling first-person account, Daniel Joseph explores systematic racism in the 21st century. From the impact of the wealth gap that exist between black and white people, to the interaction between black lives and the blue line. Reliving his experiences, including being called “Evil Aliens with Afros” in his youth, Joseph examines the overwhelming effects of racism throughout his, and his father’s generation.

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