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Steamy Romance

Royal Escape
Prince Nicholas of Montovia only wants one thing—some peace and quiet. When he buys a ranch in Firebird Falls, Montana, he’s looking for an escape from the drama caused by his royal siblings. Out here, he’s just Nick Smith—a happy loner just looking to blend in with everyone else. Clara Weaver is looking for her own escape. When her car runs out of gas in Firebird Falls, she sees it as a sign. Even though she’s never set foot on a ranch before in her life, she decides to answer a job posting for a ranch manager, which leads her to the town’s mysterious newcomer, Nick Smith. She’s determined to build a new life for herself here—and bring the grumbling, brooding Nick along for the ride.

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Her Deadly Mistake
Spencer Edwards finally has her life back on track. Once desperate and destitute, she’d resorted to drugging older, wealthy men and stealing their valuables. But those horrible choices and the terrible things she did are in the past. She now has steady employment and hope for a bright future. With her mistakes behind her, she’s ready to move on with her life. Only one thing can stop her. Ben Chang.

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Mr. Baby Maker
Brody Harrington is more than a rich, powerful CEO. He’s a prince. As in heir-to-the-throne-of-a-foreign-country prince. Only he conveniently kept that part of him a secret when we first met. For a reason. The passion between us was one I couldn’t deny. We tumbled into a hot hook-up that tasted like the beginning of something beautiful. Every kiss made me feel like my curves were made just for him.

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