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SciFi and Fantasy

Saving Mars
Grounded for her Top Gun attitude, a Mars colony pilot jumps at the chance to fly a covert mission to off-limits Earth and save her world from starvation. On Earth, the Chancellor keeps a dystopian peace through a competitive consciousness-transfer program, offering perfect bodies to those who toe the line. Pilot Jessamyn’s orders are simple: get the food and get out, minimizing contact. But when the pilot’s brilliant autistic brother is captured and charged with treason, all bets are off. Jess finds an ally in Pavel, the Chancellor’s rebel nephew, but now she’s got a choice to make: rescue her brother or save Mars?

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A Slip in Time
Jasmine Bear has one goal in life – to stay out of trouble until she turns eighteen so she can be released from the California foster care system and start living life on her own terms. This does not include being kidnapped by a secretive couple calling themselves the Controllers. They recruit Jasmine to save the world, but what if she wants to save herself first? Then Jasmine gets to know the rag-tag group of misfits who are her new teammates and wonders if this is what it feels like to belong somewhere.

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