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SciFi and Fantasy

Kill Or Be Killed
Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle The former sergeant took in a deep breath, tilting his head as he looked at the man in front of him. “Unofficially? It’s a military experiment gone bad, with all the pros and cons that come with it. No official word was shared, of course. This means that I don’t officially know the source of the damn jungle starting to cover the Sahara Desert nicknamed the Zoo comes from some goop that was found on a missile that may or may not have alien origins.”

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Fairy jail. It’s a thing. When I refused the attentions of a Seelie noble, I earned myself a one-way ticket to Siúcra, the most infamous prison in the Fae Queen’s Court. I’m still reeling over the fact that the fae are real. That Faerie is a real place, and that there are real consequences to being a human surrounded by the amazingly gorgeous—if also amazingly heartless—creatures in this world. Their cruelty doesn’t stop after I’m captured. Turns out, I’m the only human in my wing of the prison. And, I find out pretty quickly, the only female.

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The Imagined Homecoming of Icarus Isakov
A homecoming tale unlike any other, The Imagined Homecoming of Icarus Isakov recounts the fantastical return home of goblin anti-hero and puckish narrator, Icarus Isakov. When Icarus receives a mysterious letter from the long-lost girl next door, he returns to the ghost town of his childhood in search of her. Icarus lodges at a mystical tavern, one serving memories instead of drinks. There, imbibing the past and exploring the present, Icarus is swept up on a wonderfully strange adventure, taking him from the depths of wish-filled seas to the highest of dream castle ramparts. Along the way, Icarus faces old demons with help from a curious cast of characters, including a forgetful faun, a drunken elf, and a chance mermaid. It will take all of them to find the girl next door, and to rediscovery home.

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