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Blossoming of Love
The second book in The Joy Chronicles offers you the opportunity to participate in a more active manner in your personal evolution as well as in the evolution of Earth. Move to a seat at the Joy Council tables and join famous figures from Earth’s history—Guinevere, King Arthur and his knights, Lincoln, JFK, Cleopatra, Antony, Caesar and many Native Americans—as they support the vision for our evolving world. Allow yourself to feel the magic that is part of life on Earth as boy fairies are created in the fairy gardens and four million dragons are restored to a dimension of Earth.

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Navigating Grief
There is great news!You can successfully navigate through grief.From the same author as the novel The Convergence and memoir All That the Locusts Have Eaten, comes a self-help strategy for overcoming grief.Grief. Though we all face it, successfully navigating through it is a compelling challenge most fail at. The difficulties of facing loss and coping with its struggle meets us in a place few know what to do with. People of all types can become scarred and frustrated, possibly even blaming God for the losses they are holding.

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