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Caged to Kill
Modern life for a man in solitary since the 1980s is stressful enough. But when Phillip perceives that the government is after him, he’s pushed to his breaking point. He fears “they’re” out to put him back in his cell or 6 feet under. He begins to doubt his sanity and innocence. And it’s getting harder to resist his inner voice urging him to kill David and maybe his family too.

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Unintended Target
When Tate dies unexpectedly, Chloe copes by taking an assignment in the Caribbean where she meets Jack, a charming Manhattan escapee who almost has her believing life could turn around. But the illusion is shattered when a series of bizarre incidents leaves them framed for murder and running from killers convinced that Chloe is the key to questions Tate left behind. Suddenly Jack’s timely entrance into her life seems more than coincidental, but with nowhere else to turn, Chloe must trust this man who is not only charming, but also dangerous, and much better at evading capture than he should be. Strained to the breaking point by a life consistently marked by tragedy, Chloe fights a sense of hopelessness, confronting the age-old question: if it’s not all random—if God does exist—why would He allow bad things to happen to good people?

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