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The Meaning of Madness
This award winning book aims to open up the debate on mental disorders, to get people interested and talking, and to get them thinking. For example, what is schizophrenia? Why is it so common? Why does it affect human beings but not other animals? What might this tell us about our mind and body, language and creativity, music and religion? What are the boundaries between mental disorder and ‘normality’? Is there a relationship between mental disorder and genius? These are some of the difficult but important questions that this book confronts, with the overarching aim of exploring what mental disorders can teach us about human nature and the human condition.

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Career Path Resuscitation
Hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing a Career Path Emergency right now due to COVID-19, but there is good news – you have been gifted a HIDDEN OPPORTUNITY to re-design and re-create a brand new Career Path. COVID-19 is disrupting not only how we work, but if we work at all. Millions of people are finding themselves unexpectedly unemployed or on an extended leave of absence from their jobs. If you are unemployed, underemployed or in an industry that has been eliminated by the changes going on in the world, it’s time for you to take the EQUITY you’ve built up in your previous jobs and transfer those over to the new world, in a new way.

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