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The Haunting of Daisy Dawkins Boxset
A dark secret, a secluded island, and nowhere to run.

When author Daisy Dawkins hits a wall of writer’s block, she seeks out a retreat at the infamous Coyote Island, home of the reclusive publishing guru Greg Bregoli. Upon her arrival at Bregoli Estate, strange things begin happening to Daisy, but none of the other writers seem to notice the estate’s odder qualities. Before long, Daisy is caught between two worlds, the living… and the dead.

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US UK and CA

The Man I Loved Before
When Jem writes to Ben, it’s to explain everything. All the secrets she kept from him in their relationship – from the innocent little white lies right up to The Terrible Thing that happened on the night that changed everything. But she never expects he will actually see what she’s written. She is writing because she thinks it will help to get the words out. Later, she resolves, she’ll burn the letter, and then the past will be in the past for good. Because Jem’s ready to move on. She’s even met someone new…

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US UK and CA

Solitary Horseman
The Civil War is over, but the battles continue.
Callum Latimer returned from the war to a life he didn’t want and with inner battle scars he can’t heal. Banner Payne clutched desperately to the remaining shreds of the life she’d known, but she is losing her grip.
Brought together by bad luck and cruel twists of fate, Callum and Banner forge a partnership they hope will keep them afloat even as neighboring Texas ranchers go under and their land is snapped up by opportunists.

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US UK and CA

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