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SciFi and Fantasy

Aria lives in two worlds. The first is the flooded ruins of Los Angeles, where she spends her days scavenging for long-forgotten treasures. The second is the surface, where if people knew she could breathe under water, she would be shipped off to a detention facility for aberrations. Her only reprieve from reality is The Colonists, which live-streams the life of her longtime crush, Enrique.

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Other London
Once, there was magic in London, but when a monster made of hunger came to devour it all, the Uncanny were forced to abandon their home. And so they fled to Other London, a secret city adjacent to their own, and there they hid, barricaded, isolated from the rest of the world. For two hundred years, the people of Other London have cowered behind closed doors. No one can get in and no one can get out. Until, one day, the impossible happens: someone from outside finds their way into the hidden city.

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