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Lone Hunter
A villain emerges from the collapse of the Soviet Union and threatens to destroy Will Finch, Eve Noon and Sochi. And behind the scenes a more sinister menace prepares to strike them all. The encrypted files should shield the billion dollar fortune at stake, but only if Finch can turn one killer against the other…. Unless Finch, Eve, and Sochi are murdered first. Do you love an air-tight climax — but crave a novel that keeps you gasping for more? Then snap on an oxygen mask and inhale the final book in this noir trilogy.

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The Devil’s Quota
The devil is in the details when the one percent gets what the one percent wants… no matter what, no matter how much or how legal. NYPD Detective Mike DiMaggio is catapulted into an international conspiracy when the details of a not-so-routine murder investigation get his partner killed and him fired. His suspicion that Cassandra Cassidy, a sexual behavioral psychiatrist right out of the society pages, is somehow connected to this syndicate proves to be dangerous. It sets him on a journey that soon has him pitted against the most powerful forces in this country and around the world.

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US UK and CA

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