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Coming Back From COVID
Adversity does not build character, it reveals it – James Lane Allen The coronavirus was the crisis that none of us asked for. It threw many small businesses directly under the bus and rattled the foundations of prior pathways to success. At best, it was a seismic calamity the likes of which we’d never experienced before. At worst, it was an existential catastrophe that questioned the continued viability of many small businesses.

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Gruesome Iowa
When most people think about Iowa, their minds conjure up pigs, cornfields, and crotchety old farmers. But ax murders, mass killings, and ghostly sightings. Those atrocities are reserved for big cities like Chicago or LA, not a little burg like Villisca, Iowa – population 2,000. People refuse to believe that a hundred years ago, every eye in the nation turned to Villisca, Iowa where eight people were butchered in their sleep by a madman using only an ax. Attention quickly turned to the Reverend Lyn Kelley, “a queer, strange, little preacher man,” often accused of window peeping.

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