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Heaven and Hell
It has forever been said that we are ruled by our emotions, but this today is truer than ever. Much more than reason or tradition, it is our emotions that determine our choice of profession, partner, and politics, and our relation to money, sex, and religion. Nothing can make us feel more alive, or more human, than our emotions, or hurt us more. Yet, the emotions are utterly neglected by our system of education, leading to millions of mis-lived lives. This book proposes to redress the balance, exploring over 30 emotions and drawing some powerful and astonishing conclusions along the way. Areas covered include: depression, anxiety, anger, boredom, laziness, guilt, envy, greed, ambition, humiliation, loneliness, courage, empathy, friendship, love, self-esteem, and much much more.

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Think in Systems
We have the best of intentions to improve our conditions, but often our solutions fall short of improving our lives. Our best efforts can result in the opposite of what we want over time. If we apply conventional thinking to complex issues, we often maintain or feed the very problems we want to fix. How to avoid this trap? I will tell you in this book.

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Bear Market Investing Strategies
With 47.25 million unemployment claims in the US alone…
Household names like Hertz, Neiman Marcus and J.C. Penney declaring bankruptcy…
And the Fed’s balance sheet now sitting at over $7 Trillion…
A full blown recession is now a matter of when, and not if.

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