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They Called Him a Gangster
A powerful memoir about a secret life with the head of the mafia
Only few people are well acquainted with Meyer Lansky, known as the ‘Mob’s Accountant’ who, in his youth, managed the investments of the New York mafia and was considered one of the leading figures of the city’s underworld.

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A Modern Guide to Being Charming & Fierce AF
She models it for the women around her. Her way of being is a mood and a way of life. It is more than the reputation that precedes her. In this guide, you will learn a modernized version of charm school subjects. I want you to love the vintage style, but not the values. Here, Elegance is all about becoming Stylish AF. Beauty includes all women of every size and shape. Elocution is about how to talk and knowing when to shut your face. Poise is learning to rise up. Gumption is for the woman who has more than just a pretty face. Pluck is because you want to show up like a boss.

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