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Steamy Romance

Cinder Road
Avital’s heart is shattered—she lost her husband and best friend. With Scorch Flu wreaking havoc, there is no time to mourn. Her patients are dying, and she can’t save any of them. Only one person feels Nando’s loss as intensely, and Avital is searching for a moment of relief. It’s wrong, but she needs Dolf… just for tonight. Losing Nando ripped Dolf in half, and his world is out of control. He promised to get Avital to the family survival compound… and he keeps his word. She is the love of his life and the only person who can make him whole again, but Avital is his identical twin’s widow.

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Blushing Violet
Shy and quirky, Violet has never had much luck with men. After her last relationship ended in disaster, she decided she was done being a good girl. Done pretending to be someone she’s not. In order to get in touch with her much neglected naughty side, Violet joins a rather unconventional online dating site. It matches potential dates based on the books they liked, and she’d filled her virtual shelves with submissive oriented BDSM Romance. To her surprise she’s quickly paired with not one, but two delicious Doms, Carlos and Morgan.

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When The Stars Align
I learned the hard way that when people show you who they are, you should pay attention. So when Jackson suggested I sacrifice my career goals in support of his, I really paid attention. It hurt to leave him behind, but my future was wide open. College romances never last forever, right? But that was years ago. I was sure I’d never see him again. Sure I’d never fall prey to his charms—or skills—ever again. I was wrong…

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