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SciFi and Fantasy

Throne of Sand
Zadie knows she’s nothing like your typical princess. She spends her days reading, riding, and sneaking out of the palace. But between her beautiful elder sister who’s betrothed to a powerful sultan, and her younger brother who’s heir to the throne, nobody seems to care what she gets up to. Until now, that is. When Zadie helps her sister abandon her engagement to marry for love, it falls to her to play the part of the perfect princess in her place, traveling to the neighboring kingdom of Astaran with the handsome, arrogant sultan she is to marry.

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The Tribari Freedom Chronicles Boxset
Nikia Idan, the daughter of Grand Contributors and wife of a reformer. She thought she lost everything to the Supreme Leader’s regime. But there’s always more to give – and more to lose. Captain Drake Elgin, who swore to protect the people of Central. But what happens when the threat to the people is the Supreme Leader? Tal Imari, a disgraced protector and prisoner on a frozen world. He sacrificed his career to uphold the law. Now, he’s learning that prison isn’t the worst that could happen. To save himself, he’ll have step outside the law, forever.

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US UK and CA

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