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Healing Hearts
Ryan Mulvane is running from his past, but he can’t run fast enough. After a disastrous marriage, Angie Jamison has no interest in giving her heart to another man. Angie now devotes her life to training and placing therapy dogs. When her German shepherd pup bonds instantly with a friend’s brother, Angie offers to loan him the shepherd on one condition: he socialize the pup and teach her basic obedience under Angie’s instruction.

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Romancing the Spirit Series

Sadie’s Spirit – Sadie didn’t believe in ghosts until she became one. Willow’s Windfall – She’s a medium. He’s a skeptic. A hidden treasure leads them on a dangerous adventure. Cassie’s Chase – A secret friend, a high-stakes scandal—and a cover-up someone is willing to kill for Phoebe’s Pharaoh – An ancient Egyptian tomb. The discovery of a lifetime. And a treasure shrouded in danger. Vanessa’s Valentine – An undercover DEA agent on the run. A sinister drug smuggler with a vengeance. And Vanessa is caught between them. Autumn’s Angel – An eyewitness in hiding. An FBI agent with an agenda. And all hell breaks loose on All Hallow’s Eve.

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In 2012, Emme Wilde can’t find the right guy. She wants to feel that swept-off-your-feet dizziness of true love. But so far, her dating life has come up short. Star Trek geek? Nice but too serious. Hippy artist? Cute but too vulnerable. Instead, Emme obsesses over the portrait of an unknown man in an old locket. Granted, a seriously dreamy guy with delicious, wind-swept hair she just itches to run her fingers through. But still. Dead men may be great listeners, but they are not exactly boyfriend material. Emme travels to England, determined to uncover his history and conquer the strong connection she feels.

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