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Steamy Romance

Together with Love
Ever wonder what your favorite characters would do in various lockdown situations? From being stuck on an island, snowed in, sheltering from a tornado, or even locked in a wine cellar—you know whatever they’re going through, they’ll do it together! These can be enjoyed without reading the original stories or after. We hope you enjoy these exclusive bonus scenes visiting old characters or meeting new ones!

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Misery. Emotional hell. The unexpected loss that my new husband and I shared had loosened the weak knots that held us together. I married the sexiest, coolest, smartest guy I’d ever known. We’d fallen hard and fast and I loved him with my whole heart. But grief threatened to unravel our newlywed bliss entirely. I tried to run from my pain, but it was faster, creeping out in front of me and leading the way as I ran.

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In a Dragon’s Dream
Rakell Teres is supposed to go and make things right. The woman doesn’t know a thing, she’s just a clueless human caught up in the fight between his clan and the evil dragon underworld. When he shows up at her hospital bed however, Rakell can’t decide if he’s more shocked by her beauty, or by her demand to see his dragon. Laura Fitzgerald is a successful real-estate agent in Five Peaks. She doesn’t need the money the handsome stranger is offering. What she wants, besides a sudden urge to feel his hands on her body, is the resolution to a burning curiosity. She wants to see a dragon. Ever since she learned the truth, it’s been all she can think about. Except now he’s denying that they even exist!

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