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The Grand Tour
Florida transplant Georgia Lee Maxwell doesn’t take to Paris at first, despite the fact that she’s at least leaving a no-good man and a hated job as a society editor. Now she’s a Paris correspondent, thank you very much—a dream come true for any journalist. There’s just a slight down side—she arrives in freezing rain, gets caught in a traffic jam caused by a bomb scare, and hates her apartment; but the real Bonjour is finding herself face down on a museum floor during a robbery. Three terrifying masked gunmen shoot the unfortunate security guard and make off with only a mirror. Does it have some prophetic ability? Does someone know something the gendarmes don’t? Here’s what Georgia Lee knows: If she finds out first, she’s a journalistic hero. If she doesn’t, she’s dead.

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Buried Lies
The Nation’s Capital. A dangerous killer.

Jacqueline Frye, fresh off her last case, heads to Washington DC to investigate another copycat murderer. This time, the culprits are emulating the work of the 2002 Beltway Snipers. As Jacqueline juggles dead bodies, mysterious strangers, and coded messages, she must also play nice with her father’s new family. But when that family might be involved in the murders, Jack finds things are more complicated than she ever could have anticipated.

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Gardens of the Queen
When a plane crash lands during a stormy night on Grand Cayman, AJ Bailey must pull the survivors from the roiling waters. But saving Carlos Rojas, and his girlfriend Sydney, starts something bigger than anyone could foresee. The two recently fled Cuba with vital information. Now, Russian agents, working with the Cuban authorities, will stop at nothing to cover up the secret Carlos is determined to reveal to the world. AJ and her mentor, Reg Moore, find themselves up against the might of two governments, as they try to protect Carlos, Sydney and the Gardens of the Queen.

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US UK and CA

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