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Apocalypse Economics
It’s the zombie apocalypse in Seattle, but April’s landlord is threatening to kick her out of her zombie-proof safe house unless she pays rent. She and her “friends” – an unemployed ex-insurance salesman and an economist specializing in the apocalypse – have to find a way to make enough to pay rent while fighting their way past zombie hordes and mutant freaks to reach their bank and deposit the money. Selling haircuts to zombies, essential businesses during the zombie apocalypse, and a mysterious government agent who says he’s only there to help – all this and more in Apocalypse Economics, a brand new comedy short read from author Andrew Stanek, written because the zombies have gotten to him and eaten his brains.

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Shadows over Hemlock
His salvation rests in exorcising the demons of her past. Felix Cross is no stranger to demons. He’s traveled the globe, studying under the world’s most foremost demonologists and exorcists with one goal: open a door to Hell to retrieve the soul of an innocent man. After he’s hired to perform an exorcism on Raina Hemlock, a Kentucky senator’s daughter, Felix may have found what he needs. The possessed girl claims to have been to Hell and back…literally. Now all he has to do is interrogate the demon before it destroys the girl he was hired to save.

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